How To Build A USB SNES Controller For The PC, iPad, And PS3 - Part 1: Background

    20 Nov 2012 — Comments

    Let's just cut to the chase: The Super Nintendo had one fine controller. Four face buttons arranged in the shape of a diamond, shoulder buttons, two menu buttons, and a directional pad. Whether Nintendo meant to or not, their controller set the standard for gaming input devices for decades to come. Despite the fact that today's controllers have analog sticks, motion controls, and touch screens, you can still clearly see the SNES's influence at work.

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    Why Deus Ex: Human Revolution Is Not Available On The Mac On Steam

    13 Jul 2012 — Comments

    Today's Macs make fairly competent gaming machines. Anyone who tries to tell you otherwise either has bad information or is biased. Using Apple's Boot Camp utility, Macs can run Windows just as well as any other PC. Once a Mac user has Windows installed, there's nothing keeping them from downloading and purchasing games through Steam, Origin, or Blizzard, and enjoying them just as much as the next PC user.

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    How To Fix The One Unread Message Bug in Messages for Mac

    22 May 2012 — Comments

    As part of OS X Mountain Lion, Apple is completely revamping their instant messenger client. Instead of the classic iChat program, the new OS is going to ship with a program called Messages. There's currently a beta of Messages out for OS X Lion, and the initial impressions of it have been rather mixed. I personally am sticking with Adium for my instant messenger needs, but I still have Messages installed on my desktop so that I can send iMessages without having to get my phone out.

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    How To Disable The Search Feature Of The Motorola Nyxboard Hybrid

    22 Apr 2012 — Comments

    So I recently received one of these for my birthday:

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