How To Get the Latest Version of MAME Running On Mac OS X Lion [Part 3 of 3]

20 Oct 2011

Welcome back to Part Three of my guide on getting MAME to run on Mac OS X Lion. In the first part I covered the basic MAME installation, and in second part I covered how to configure it. Finally, I'm going to go over the basics of configuring a GUI frontend for the command line based MAME.

This portion of the guide is completely optional. In its current state, you can use MAME to its fullest. However, most people do not like the basic MAME UI, which is very poor at managing large numbers of games. On the Windows side, the excellent MAME32UI solves this problem for us with very little configuration. Unfortunately, we as Mac users do not have the option to use this piece of software.

Thankfully, there exists a comparable frontend called M+GUI, which is cross platform. M+GUI is almost as good, and is thankfully also kept up to date on the Mac. You can download the latest version as of this blog's posting here. [Mirror] Use Google to find the latest version if you're reading this post a few months from now.

After the .zip file is download, extract it and browse to the resulting folder. Inside of it you'll see the mamepgui application and a readme. Move the application to your Applications folder, and trash the readme. Upon your first launch, you should see something similar to:

This screen is asking for the executable of our MAME install. Just browse to the folder you stored it in, and point it at mame64.

Once you hit Open, M+GUI will begin to index the games in your /roms folder. If you do not use the /roms folder, you'll have to set the rom directory manually in the settings. From here, everything is fairly self explanatory. I may come back and update this guide with a few preferences that I personally use, but my life has gotten unexpectedly busy, so I'm unfortunately cutting this guide a little short. Hope it helped someone out there. Feel free to leave a comment if it did!

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